A Vision for Jointly Reinventing the Future


A constantly growing world population, diminishing resources, environmental pollution, climate change, political unrest, social injustice, a changing world of work due to technological change and a lack of affordable housing are just some of the challenges facing every human being on a daily basis. The need to exert a direct influence in order to help shape world events or even events on one's own doorstep moves the minds and hearts of many people.

Is it possible and meaningful to access the knowledge, the ideas of the population, in order to help shape the smallest everyday challenges as well as the major political, economic, social and ecological concerns of a country?

Among the supporters are renowned scientists and entrepreneurs. They are convinced that by accessing the knowledge of many, not only the human challenges, but also those of every country, every city, every small community can be solved. Through direct communication, the direct input of knowledge, barriers are overcome that have previously caused delays in decisions. Decisions that determine the well-being of a country's population and the climatic conditions of the world.

The ideas of everyone can be transparently understood via EPICS.eu. So everyone has the chance to see what happens to their ideas. Also the reason why a certain idea/solution was chosen by the experts or the community. Transparency creates trust and trust creates closeness. Let us move together and support each other with our ideas in order to make this world a place where we all feel comfortable together.