A Concept for Jointly Reinventing the Future


EPICS.eu is the first platform that utilizes the joint potential of artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence and expert knowledge to enable direct citizen participation via the Internet. This enables anyone to make concrete proposals toward positive cooperation within our society and to make these accessible for everyone for further joint development. The ASK (Agile Socio-Konsensing) decison-making process provides the motor.


The knowledge and creativity we all have, our swarm intelligence, is a core element for finding sustainable solutions for political, economic, ecological and social issues. This enables us today to realize a world that is safe, secure and worth living in – for ourselves and future generations.


EPICS stands for Evolutionary Platform for Integrated Cocreative Solutions


E: Evolutionary is the vision of directly involving citizens in the identification and solution of public issues in order to exert direct influence with their ideas at regional, national and international level. EPICS.eu enables us all to jointly develop and evolve ideas, decisions and initiatives – and even EPICS.eu itself.


P: The EPICS.eu platform, employs artificial intelligence to process multifarious ideas of all participants. This enables practical usage of the resulting the flood of data, which is both digitalized and applicable in direct interpersonal meetings.


ICS: Integrated Cocreative Solutions are the results of a process that integrates a multitude of perspectives and various issues. Swarm intelligence (collective creativity), rises with the degree of participation. Meaningful solutions can be jointly found for all small and large concerns, whether political, social, economic or ecological. The collective experience of finding Integrated Cocreative Solutions catalyzes the positive attitudes and actions of participants.