Background and Use Cases is an internet-based citizen participation platform. It can be used by politics, business, social institutions and non-profit initiatives to obtain solutions to public problems through the knowledge of many (swarm intelligence). is a non-profit organization that bundles the forces of various initiatives, companies and political institutions that are committed to a common future through transparent citizen participation. By combining the know-how of these different supporters/ cooperation partners, is broadly positioned and thus has access to the extensive knowledge of the participating stakeholders. The large distribution (decentralisation) of the individual cooperation partners ensures the independence of the system and thus offers protection against influencing and abuse of individual interest groups.


Some scientists, activists, companies, initiatives and organizations are already working on increasingly developing swarm intelligence and using it for their respective fields of application in order to obtain better, more meaningful results. provides a unified platform for citizens to make direct contact with politics, business and social initiatives. This creates an exchange in a never-ending process. In this way, the emerging "fresh" ideas are always up-to-date and adapted to the needs of all of us, i.e. society.


Collecting data on a daily basis means exerting an agile influence on all needs and social, ecological and economic hotspots. In this way, dangers and dissatisfactions are recognised and addressed in time, and feelings of powerlessness due to a lack of influence do not even arise. The self-determined society, which develops the best out of itself for the benefit of all, is no longer a utopia. is the platform that supports the process of a positive social transformation and on which mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and fruitful creative change takes place.